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Specializing in Micro-mini, Teacup and Toy Persians



We are a small cattery

raising healthy, happy kittens
as a part of our own families.


All of our kittens are bred from CFA or TICA registered
pure bred lines.

Other than size.....
our Minipers are just as healthy,
loving and enjoyable
as the finest
larger sized Persians.


Our Kittens come out of chosen lines known for their
good health, intelligence and
wonderful relaxed personalities.

Even more so for our Kittens
who we have
surrounded in love....
from the first minutes
of their birth.


General Pricing



general prices

aprox. adult sizes



Miniper Toy

from $1000-$1200

6 lbs - 7 lbs

(less than 2 per year)

from $1400 male
from $1600 female

4.5 lbs - 6 lbs

(normal for our kittens)

from $2000 male
from $2200 female

4 lbs - 4.5 lbs

(less than 8 per year)


Miniper Teacup


Miniper Micro


Ultra Micro

New line of Miniper is expected to mature 3-4 pounds. 1 or 2 per yr.

These charts are rough estimates of weights and prices, and are subject to change.
(Weight parameters for each individual kitten will be written into their personal weight "guarantee".)




general prices

aprox. adult sizes



Minipaw Toy

from $1000-$1200

6.5 lbs - 7 lbs

(less than 1 per year)

from $1400 male
from $1600 female

5 lbs - 6 lbs

(less than 12 per year)

from $2000 male
from $2200 white male
from $2200 female

3.5 lbs - 4 lbs

(less than 2 per year)


Minipaw Teacup


Minipaw Micro





For Kitten's health and well being,
we ship anywhere that
doesn't require "rabies titers" or "quarantine",
and is available using United Airline's Pet Safe program .

Any Custom Taxes outside the U.S. are the
responsibility of the buyer if they apply.

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Our Shipping fee is currently


In the Continental United States

and Parts of Canada.

This fee includes all of the following:

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* Air fare ( to the major airports that Continental (and their safe pet program)goes to.)
* Delivery from us to our closest Airport (3 hour trip for us)
* Kennel (airline approved) * Travel Blanket
* Rabies Vaccination. & Certification * Food Sample
* Micro Chipping * Food and Water (clipped on)
* Complete Vet Exam * Water Proof Pad
* Health Certificate * Toys for the trip when permitted!

All of our kittens travel in the "PET SAFE" program

sponsered by United Air Lines. Wonderful Program!

Pet safe travel is climate controlled not only in the planes-

but also continues from the planes to the teminals. (See Video)

We wave goodby and You are waving hello as the plane lands!

Kittens will be current on all vaccinations required
for their current age. Any kitten "Under 16 weeks"

will need one additional booster at 16 weeks old.



Pers and Paws


What are they?

  Setting aside all of the big words like primordial dwarfism and achondroplasia dwarfism; Minipers and Minipaws are the feline equivalent of the afore-mentioned types of dwarfism.

In a nutshell,
Minipers are proportionately smaller versions of the original Persians. This type of dwarfism is caused by a spontaneous gene mutation and is found in nature in virtually every species. There are miniature horses, goats, rabbits, dogs and hamsters, so why not cats? The wonder of nature gets all of the credit. At MiniPurrs, our Miniper parents are happy, healthy, and all originating from purebred Persian registered lines.

Minipaws are a high-bred of the short limbed Munchkin cat and the teacup Persian (minipers). Minipaws tend to be a bit longer and slightly stockier in build, but much shorter in height than the minipers which are more proportionate and tend to be a bit finer boned. Almost all of our minipaws are at least 7/8 minipers and 1/8 or less munchkin.

While Minipaws may appear to be the cat equivalent to a Dachshund, they are really extremely agile and rather ferret like in their amazing ability to get around, climb and jump in play.

Both Minipaws and Minipers come in either "long" or "short (plush)" coats.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the short haired Persian (exotic), these plush (teddy-bears) are simply a shorter haired version of the teacup Persian and are genetically identical in every way except for the short haired gene. Their coat tends to be very plush and soft, feeling almost-identical to rabbit fur. This coat is easier to care for than the long hair version.

Health Concerns?

  First off; at MiniPurrs, both the Minipaw and Miniper breeds have no significant health problems other than those common to any Persian or other feline, and are expected to have the same life expectancy of 12 to 20 years.

Recent studies have questioned long term viability and general health of dwarf cats maturing under the 3 pound size. Based on this data, MiniPurrs breeding program is geared to producing kittens over 3 pounds.

Persian breed tends to have a slightly higher risk of upper respiratory/breathing problems due to the extreme Persian face structure. In addition, Persians can have an increased tendency to eye drainage as well.

Additional potential problems noted with
all Persians can include an increased susceptibility to fungal infections, a more sensitive digestion system, hairballs, and pkd.

At MiniPurrs the health of our cats and kittens is of paramount concern, and we take great measures to ensure and protect the health and well being of every cat and kitten. Some of these measures include routine monthly flea control, preventative and routine de-worming, complete physical examinations by a licensed veterinarian for every kitten before leaving. For good health we always use Nutritious high quality foods, treats and supplements (such as vitamins and pro-biotics).

All pregnant and nursing mommies and kittens are also supplemented with high calcium all-star milk replacer and special soft foods.

Our Kitties' emotional well being and intellectual development are also very important. Daily enrichment exercises by means of various textures and types of cat toys are provided in addition to numerous types of scratching posts, cat grass, cat nip, feathers, bubbles and things that jiggle, jingle, wiggle and jump. Nothing is too good for our babies. We also promote kitty soccer games
on the wood floors and climb-balance-leap excercises.

We recommend that cat trees be no more than 5 feet high and that "micro" pers or "micro" paws not be placed in homes with small children because of their tiny size. MiniPurrs kittens typically get along well with small dogs and other cats provided they are not picked on or prevented from getting to the food bowl or litter box.

MiniPurrs babies begin potty training at the age of three weeks old, and all are completely litter trained at a very early age and long before arriving to their forever homes.

MiniPurrs kittens typically have wonderful laid-back personalities and the majority are very much lap cats. We are continually been told that our kittens are more similar to a puppy in their loyalty and desire to please their new family. We see this especially in our Miniper parent family.

Being laid back does not mean "not having fun". We get a lot of pictures from adoptive families with their minipers and minipaws at the beach, camping, touring, on bike trips and shopping. Some love walking on a leash & harness or poking their head out of a kittenpack. Some get dressed up for parties, and we have a picture of a purple miniper having a blast with the teens dying their hair with washable temporary hair color.
Thank you for the wonderful pictures!

 Questions and Answers


Estimated Size Guide






Chest to Rump

Shoulder to Floor

Head to Toe


 Standard Persian

14" to 16"

12" to 14"

14" to 16"


11" to 13"

10" to 12"

11" to 13"

9" to 11"

8" to 10"

9" to 11"

7" to 9"

6" to 8"

7" to 9"


12" to 14"

6" to 7"

7" to 9"

10" to 12"

5" to 6"

6" to 8"

8" to 10"

4" to 5"

5" to 7"


Miniper Toy

Miniper Teacup 

Miniper Micro 


Minipaw Toy

Minipaw Teacup 

Minipaw Micro 

Estimated Weight Guide








8 Weeks

12 Weeks

16 Weeks



 Standard Persian

4 oz to 6 oz

32 oz to 36 oz

44 oz to 52 oz

64 oz to 70 oz

10 - 14 lbs


3 oz to 4 oz

20 oz to 24 oz

26 oz to 38 oz

42 oz to 56 oz

6 - 7 lbs

2 oz to 3 oz

14 oz to 20 oz

24 oz to 30 oz

32 oz to 46 oz

4.5 - 6 lbs

1.5 oz to 2 oz

10 oz to 18 oz

18 oz to 28 oz

28 oz to 36 oz

3 - 4 lbs


Mini~per/paw Toy

Mini~per/paw Teacup 

Mini~per/paw Micro 

To estimate mature size, multiply a kittens weight at 12 weeks by 2. (give or take 1/2 lb).

The average full size cat weighs aproximately 1 lb per month of age until grown.

Most breeds reach maturity between 8 and 12 months.


How Small is Small ?

Micro Mini at Birth

Teacup at Birth

About the size of a "D" Battery


About the size of a ladies pointer fnger.

About the width of a Dwarf Hamster

and twice as long.