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Tony ON the Go! Teacup Persian

Welcome to our Parents Scrapbook!

We Just Wanted to Share some Candid Shots....

Persian Kitten, Wesley

Tony always climbs into our Xsmall carriers
as we send a little one off to their new family.

Persian Kitten, Niller Beans

Here is Wesley, our newest Dad for MiniPurrs;
Loaded with the Incredible Genes of diversity.

Persian Kitten, Dilly Trapped in Paradise

Here is One of our Founding Moms, Nillers.
Niller Beans is with babies Dilly and Sugar.

Persian Kitten, Niller Beans and Sugar and Dilly

Here is Dilly, just a little bit older.

Persian Kitten, Dilly

Here is Another Picture of Nillers, Sugar and
Dilly in their Favorite Scratching Chair.

Persian Kitten, Tony at the Office

Here is Dilly Today, a new Mom!

Persian Kitten, Roary and Babies

Here is Tony at the Office in his Favorite Bowl.
When we accidently move it, he Lets us Know!


Persian Kitten, Dippy Doo

 Here is Roary with her three babies. The
Calico on the Right (Dippy) is now a Mom.

Persian Kitten, Onie


Here is a More Recent Picture of Dippy.


Persian Kitten, Porsche

 Here is Onie, Another of our Moms.


Persian Kitten, Superman

 Here is Porsche, One of our Newer Moms.


  Bindy is the Perfect Mom!

Full of Love and Patience. Between babies
you will generally find her sleeping on the
Kitchen Table or curled up in the Kitten
Dryer on the counter. Surprise!


  Here is Missy, our Newest MiniPAW Mom.

Persian Kitten, Superman


Missy has the short little legs.

Here is Superman. The Beginning
of our MiniPaw Line.

Persian Kitten, Jade and Pumpkin

Persian Kitten, Aspen

 Here are two Moms, Jade and Pumpkin.
Jade (on the left) is Mom to Wesley.


Many Purrs from MiniPurrs!

   Not a parent, but here is Aspen! He has been recently adopted to a beautiful family.
We miss you! We Miss every one of our babies!

We hope you have enjoyed our little
throw together Parent scrapbook!


Updated September 2012